Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are no longer taking firm bookings for the Wagon

You may still make reservations for the Wagon however these will remain provisional and we will assess its availability based upon the government guidelines immediately prior to the requested trip date. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Woodchurch Wagon

Your local community minibus

The Woodchurch Wagon is a community wellbeing initiative in conjunction with Woodchurch Parish Council and Ashford Borough Council. It’s purpose is to provide the residents, through their local clubs and societies, better access to transport. Woodchurch Wagon is operated on a not-for-profit basis and is run by volunteers through the Woodchurch Hub. It is designed to cover the operating costs of the minibus, and should any profits be made through this scheme, these will be reinvested in full back into the village community.

Woodchurch Wagon

Community organised trips

In addition to being available for club/society/private rental, Woodchurch Wagon will also be providing a number of community organised visits throughout the year. Where clubs and societies have arranged a visit and have spare seats available to fill they will also be advertised here.
These are open for people to book places on a first-come booking basis. These are open to both residents of Woodchurch and also residents of surrounding villages.

Who can use the minibus?

Local clubs, societies and charities – no booking fee
A group or society that is registered with the Woodchurch HUB. This will usually be a group that meets the following criteria

  • They provide a social or support platform that is available to all residents of Woodchurch Village and surrounding areas
  • They hold regular meetings
  • They may charge a membership fee to cover their operating costs, however they must be not-for-profit organisations
  • A registered charity that provides support services in or around Woodchurch

Local commercial or private social groups – £10 booking fee

  • A local business
  • A local group that charges a meeting fee for attending – usually to pay a trainer or instructor
  • A group that has been formed as a result of a specific private function or event. The person booking the minibus must be a resident of Woodchurch or the surrounding area and the purpose of the rental should be for the benefit of residents in the Woodchurch area.

All bookings are subject to the acceptance by Woodchurch Hub, who reserve the right to decline a booking request. The decision of the Woodchurch Hub regarding bookings will be final.

The journeys are charged at a price per mile. All journey mileage is calculated starting from, and returning to, the Hub – TN26 3PA

This cost includes the following:

  • Rental of the vehicle
  • All fuel used
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Roadside breakdown recovery

For the first 50 miles £1.50 per mile
For each additional mile £1.00 per mile

A minimum cost is charged per rental depending on the length of the rental period

Half day rental £20
Full day rental £40 per day
Evening/overnight rental £40

Example 1, If the bus is hired for half a day:-

  • and covers 10 miles (10 x £1.50 = £15.00) the cost would be £20 (minimum charge for half a day)
  • and covers 20 miles (20 x £1.50 = £30.00) the cost would be £30.00

Example 2, If the bus is hired for a full day:-

  • and covers 25 miles (25 x £1.50 = £37.50) the cost would be £40 (minimum charge for day)
  • and covers 30 miles (30 x £1.50 = £45) the cost would be £45

The above examples do not include any applicable booking fee.

Groups have the option of providing their own driver, or they can request the services of a Pool driver

  • For groups who provide their own driver there will be no additional driver costs.
  • Should a group require the use of a Pool driver, unless previously agreed, there will be an additional charge. Please note that Pool drivers are subject to availability and therefore cannot guaranteed. The availability of a Pool driver will be confirmed as part of the booking confirmation process.

Pool driver supplement

Pool Driver for half a day £15
Pool driver for a full day £30 per day
Pool driver for an evening £40

How much will it cost?

Each group are encouraged to provide their own driver, however a group of pool drivers are available if this is not possible.

Drivers must

  • Be over 21. Drivers who are over 70 will require a doctors medical, which is available through Woodchurch Surgery at preferential rates
  • Must have held a full, valid DVLA driving licence and have no more than 3 penalty points. A D1 class entitlement is not required when driving this minibus under this scheme
  • Have undergone a driving assessment and minibus familiarisation session with an authorised member from The Hub
  • Must not have previously been declined as a driver by The Hub

Unless alternative arrangements have previously been agreed with your group, all rental bookings will require the use of a valid credit card and email address.

  • Check the Woodchurch Wagon Web site to see the availability of the Minibus. If it is showing as being available at the time you are wanting to use it, fill in the booking request form on the site.
    Your request will be forwarded to the minibus bookings group.
  • If your booking is accepted, you will receive an email confirming the booking request and an deposit invoice for £40. This can be paid using either PayPal or a credit card online or by bringing your credit card to The Hub. All online payments are handled through PayPal and The Hub has no access to your card or account details.
  • Once the deposit has been completed, the booking will be fully confirmed and instructions on using the minibus will be sent by email.
  • On the day of your booking you will collect the bus from The Hub, and when finished you will return it to The Hub. When returning the bus please ensure that you have completed the journey details contained in your driver’s pack – including the start and end mileage.
  • After the rental you will receive a final invoice by email, which you can pay online or at The Hub. (less any refuelling or cleaning charges)

How do I book and pay?


Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be able to cancel your booking without penalty up to 48 hours before the booking start. If the booking is cancelled after this time The Hub reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee, which will be taken from the pre-authorisation amount before the balance is cancelled.

  • Up to 48 hours before the booking time – No cancellation fee
  • Up to 24 hours before the booking time – 50% of the booking minimum charge
  • Less than 24 hours before the booking time – The full booking minimum charge

You are expected to return the minibus with at least half a tank of fuel. A Fuel card is provided in the minibus for the purchase of any fuel should it be required during your journey. The Hub reserves the right to charge a refuelling fee of £10 should the minibus be returned with insufficient fuel.

You are required to return the bus in a clean and tidy state. Should the minibus require general cleaning upon return The Hub reserve the right to charge a £10 cleaning fee. If the Minibus required deep cleaning (e.g. spilt drinks/food/vomit etc) The Hub reserves the right to charge a £40 cleaning fee.

Please Note