The Parish Council meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. Please check noticeboard or website for agenda and to confirm meeting is taking place at 7.00 pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe. Anyone from the village is welcome to attend these meetings, which include an Open Forum where matters that you would like to be considered by the Council can be discussed.

At each meeting the Parish Council also discusses current planning applications in the village and decides whether or not to support each one before they are considered by our local planning authority, Ashford Borough Council. If you would like to comment on a specific application you are welcome to attend our meetings. You can also contact the Ashford Borough Council planning department direct to comment.

The nine Parish Councillors are elected members of the community who administer a wide range of activities to ensure that the village and services within the parish are maintained in proper order.

The Localism Act 2011 and the Code of Conduct requires all parish councillors to register and disclose any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests with the council’s Monitoring Officer. Individual councillors’ registered Disclosable Pecuniary Interests can be viewed  here. Please note that you have to click on councillor name to view their register of interests.

Your Parish Councillors

Parish Clerk
Ian Philo – Clerk/RFO
c/o Woodchurch HUB, Front Road, Woodchurch, Kent. TN26 3PA
T: 01233 861381
E: clerk@woodchurch-pc.gov.uk

Cllr Lucy Quinn

Cllr Lucy Quinn – Parish Council Chair
E: quinnwoodchurchpc@gmail.com

Cllr Wade Nash

Cllr Wade Nash – Vice Chair
62 Lower Road, Woodchurch, Kent TN26 3SG
T: 07502 220 653
E: wade@nashweb.net


Cllr Gina Mckay

Cllr Gina Mckay
E: gina_mckay@hotmail.com

Cllr Neil Mckay

Cllr Neil Mckay
E: neilmckay0730@gmail.com

Cllr Rob Woods

Cllr Rob Woods
E: robertcwoods2601@gmail.com

Your Borough Councillors (Weald South)

Cllr David Ledger
8 Park Farm Close, Shadoxhurst, Kent, TN26 1LD
T: 01233 733540
E: david.ledger@ashford.gov.uk

Cllr Aline Hicks

Fairfield, Magpie Hall Road
Stubbs Cross
Ashford, Kent
TN26 1HG,

Tel: 01233 628387
E: aline.hicks@ashford.gov.uk

Your Ashford County Councillor

Cllr David Robey
c/o Members Desk, County Hall, Sessions House, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XQ
T: 01233 712760 / 07780 687843
E: David.Robey@kent.gov.uk