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Scuppets & Scutchell is a brand new local history journal researched, written and produced by members of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group. The first issue is partly financed by a grant from the Kent Archaeological Society’s Allen Grove Local History Fund. We aim to publish two issues a year, each with 80 colour pages packed with interesting and well-researched articles about the village. The launch issue includes articles on William the Conqueror and Woodchurch in 1066, the extraordinary life of Phebe Goble and the Bonny Cravat, medical care in Woodchurch in the 17th and 18th centuries, a riot in Lower Road during the summer of 1838, the Schreiber and Webb families of Hengherst, a forgotten casualty of the Second World War, Woodchurch recipes from the early 1900s and much more. Scuppets & Scutchell is for anyone interested in the history of Woodchurch or keen to discover more about the village’s fascinating past.

Price: £9.00

Woodchurch in 1871 – A Kentish Village and the Mid-Victorian Census

Life in mid-Victorian Woodchurch was very different from the lives most of us lead today. To be poor or disabled meant that you lived with the threat of being sent to the Union workhouse. If you were able-bodied and male, you almost certainly would have worked on the land as an agricultural labourer. Members of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group (pictured above) have extensively researched this period of the village’s history. Their comprehensive 89-page A4 booklet is illustrated throughout and, with details of the families then living in Woodchurch, describes what life was like during the middle of Victoria’s reign.

Price: £8.00

Then & Now – An illustrated history of Woodchurch, near Ashford, Kent

This engaging history of Woodchurch—edited by Arthur Stroud, John Hart and Jon Chaplin—was completely revised and extended in 2006. Then & Now is organised into twelve sections: In the Beginning, The Church, Education, Shops and Businesses, Houses and Homes, The Hengherst Estate, Transport and Roads, War, The Village Green, Sport and Social, Old Happenings and Customs, and In Recent Times. With almost 100 pages this softbound A4 booklet is lavishly illustrated with over 150 photographs, many in colour, from the Woodchurch Village Life Museum collection.

Price: £9.00

A Social History of Woodchurch. This carefully-researched and chronologically-arranged 122-page A4 book begins with an account of the church and justice in the 13th century and ends with a chapter on the prisoner of war camp that was set up in the village towards the end of the Second World War for captured Italian and German servicemen. In between, there are sections on Tudor Woodchurch, witchcraft, local businesses, medical care, the village green, sports and pastimes, shops and shopping, farming, occupations and domestic service, clothing, Woodchurch clubs and societies, childhood and much more. Each chapter is extensively illustrated with images from the Woodchurch Village Life Museum photographic collection and other sources. Brief biographies of well-known and not-so-well-known villagers appear throughout the book to put some of the historical events into a more personal context.

Price: £9.00