All Saints Parish Church Appeal

All Saints Parish Church,
Bethersden Road, Woodchurch, Kent TN26 3QJ
Registered charity number: 1118394

Church Warden
Ann Tiplady

01233 861363

Dear Woodchurch Resident.

Re:  All Saints Parish Church.

It is with some reluctance that I find it necessary to write to you all but as Church Warden I feel it necessary to put you all in the picture.

All Saints has been a place of sanctuary and worship for nearly nine hundred years.  It is also a place of historical interest having the tomb of Elizabeth 1st chancellor, a rare medieval window and a rare brass. It is a grade 1 listed building.

All Churches have to pay their way and we now find ourselves in the position of no longer being able to do so.

The Church of England, through their Diocese, ask each church to pay a certain amount each year (called their Share) towards the upkeep of Clergy wages, housing, pensions, training.  This year we find ourselves unable to do this because of falling numbers in our regular congregation, increased utility expenditure and general costs of running the building.

We have been struggling on for a while but have now used up nearly all our financial resources.  I am therefore asking for some help.  What is needed is regular income and this will only come from regular giving. Our congregation are now using standing orders for their giving so that our Treasurer knows exactly how much is coming in and can budget accordingly.

With the current situation we are unable to arrange fund raising events or a gift day and who knows when this will end.  However, fund raising was being planned for our new heating system in the autumn. This is because our old one is no longer viable due to the fact that we can’t get parts for the boiler and filling up our oil tank is going to be more difficult.  The present heating system is not cost effective or fit for purpose.

I fully understand that in the present climate every organisation is asking for money and I am asking that we spread the load because our congregation averages 20 and they are giving all they can.

I would also like to use this opportunity to ask for volunteers to join our church council.  We need new and creative ideas so if you are interested please call me.  Our congregation are getting older and, in the past, done all they can to support All Saints.  They cannot be expected to do anymore.

Finally, I wish to express sincere thanks to all those who have taken on the care of the churchyard. This has eased my anxiety considerably knowing that it will be kept tidy.

I wish to convey the need for us to think of the future generations that will follow our footsteps and appreciate the value we have put on All Saints Church in our lovely village. The church needs to be there for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals and for celebrations yet to come.  What we don’t want is an ancient monument falling into decay and unloved.

Please read this in the spirit in which I write to you.  All Saints is important to all of us, whether we have faith or not.  It is a symbol of God’s presence in this place.

If you would like to set up a standing order please phone our Treasurer, Janet Buss, on 01233 860435

Alternatively our BACS is account no 74392875 sort code 600121

With God’s blessing


To send a donation through BACS please use the following account information:

Account Name: All Saints Church Woodchurch
Sort code: 60-01-21
Account Number: 74392875

Please ensure you include your name in the BACS reference so that we know who you are.

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