Register to become a Woodchurch Wagon driver

In order to drive the Woodchurch Wagon you must first register with The Hub. This is to ensure that you meet the criteria of our insurance and that we have recorded the details of your driving licence.

There are two driver options:

  1. A Society driver is someone who is specifically nominated to drive by one or more of the village groups. At the time of booking, the group will nominate this person as being their driver.
  2. A Pool driver is a driver who is provided by The Hub to groups who are unable to find their own Society driver. 

Both types of driver have similar age, health and licence requirements

  • They must be over 21. Drivers who are over 70 will require a doctors medical, which is available through Woodchurch Surgery at preferential rates
  • They must have held a full, valid DVLA driving licence and have no more than 3 penalty points. A D1 class entitlement is not required when driving this minibus under this scheme
  • They must not have previously been declined as a driver by The Hub

In addition, Society drivers will need to demonstrate their ability to handle this size of vehicle by taking a short driving assessment and minibus familiarisation session with an authorised member from The Hub

Pool drivers will need to take part in a Blue Lamp driving assessment and will require to have a standard DBS check.


To registered to drive the minibus please complete the form below

You must be able to check all of the boxes below to eligible to become a registered Woodchurch Wagon driver